Future directions

I’m mostly settled into my new house now – it’s a detached house on just over half an acre, so I have lots of space for all my various projects. I’m working on a bookshelf now – it will end up being the first of at least 4 total, and will probably be both the tallest (at 7.5 feet) and the only individual bookcase. I’m realizing the shelf spacing is a bit small for their depth – 10 3/4 inch spacing for a 12 inch depth – so I need to make plan modifications for the others, which will be configured as components of a wall system. I’m also developing some ideas for other areas of the ouse, and for some garden areas – I want to start with a pole bean trellis, and if that works out as well as I hope, I’ll build a hop trellis. The first is 6 – 8 feet tall, the second is 24 – 28 feet tall. You can probably see why I’m doing things in that order.

I’ll undoubtedly be posting pictures of things as I work on them and complete them, but that’s later. For now, I should probably get back to my sysadmin/consultant work…

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