Some backfill

For those of you who don’t know (i.e. who’ve been ignoring me – which isn’t all that unreasonable an action, I admit), I’ve been doing a fair amount of “build things” type stuff lately. One of the projects I completed a few months ago was what I call a brewstand – a movable platform that can handle a three-vessel homebrew rig with a wort grant. It’s got two wort pumps – I need both of them when I’m sparging into the boil kettle – controlled by a rather hacked-up pair of house lightswitches.

I started out with two 8′ 4×4’s for the legs, which after cutting gave me six (6) 22″ tall legs. Add on some 80″ long decking boards for the front and back, 26″ long pieces on the sides, then some 3/4″ plywood, and that’s the basic frame. I then added copper piping for incoming water (not wort – wort is all handled by flexible tubing from the homebrew store) and propane gas hoses to supply the two burners (one hot liquor tank burner and one boil kettle burner), and called it done. I had intended to take pictures of the entire assembly process, piece by piece, but of course once I got into things I had the whole frame put together before I remembered I hadn’t taken any pictures.

Then I got the bright idea to play with Blender and make a video of the virtualized assembly – and lemme tell you, Blender is really powerful, but a pain the arse. I managed to get through making the video simply out of stubbornness, but I don’t think I’ll be doing that again anytime soon.

In case you’re curious, here it is, from YouTube:

I’ve got two other moderate-sized projects I haven’t said anything about on here – one complete, the other in progress. The complete one is a fermentation chamber made from a chest freezer and controlled by a Raspberry Pi – it’ll hold two 6.5g carboys for fermentation. I need to make another one for serving at some point… The in-progress project is a model railroad layout. I’m using N-gauge since I can get the most detail in the smallest area, but once I finish this layout (which may be quite a while, I admit), I’m going to switch to HO. N is just too small – I love the space savings, but everything else is too much of a pain in the arse.

Anyway… time to log out and go do something useful for myself.


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