More kitchen work

My, it’s been a long time since I’ve said anything here. I’ve been neglectful. Well, let’s fix that.

So after getting the fireplace organized and redone in tile and stone, I thought I’d take a break from major projects for a few months and just enjoy things. I should have known better. I got antsy, what with not having anything to do, so I started working on small things here and there, then I started in on a homebrew brew stand. It’s not really “home” improvement, so I’ll leave those details for somewhere else, but then I decided to go ahead and get granite countertops put in. After all, the cabinets were done, and the countertops were next…

2015-06-20 08.48.16 2015-06-20 08.48.23This is what things looked like at the start. Old, ugly pressboard countertops that badly needed replacing. I took the top drawers out because I was told to for the installation of the granite. The first step they took was to remove the old countertops, and that went fairly quickly.

2015-06-20 09.45.48 2015-06-20 09.45.56I was honestly surprised just how little support there seemed to be – but it works. After measuring a third time, trimming a bit in one or two odd places, and measuring a fourth time, they brought in the granite slabs and placed them on top of the cabinets.

2015-06-20 10.10.49 2015-06-20 10.11.11Even without gluing anything, these countertops pretty much aren’t going anywhere. It took three men to lift it into place, and I could tell it was a struggle at that. After that, the backsplash seemed easy by comparison, and gluing the sink up was just a matter of putting clamps into the drain holes and putting a 2×4 across the sink hole in the granite.

2015-06-20 12.25.16 2015-06-20 12.25.22 2015-06-20 14.12.53The only seam in the entire countertop is at the corner where the dishwasher meets the bigger countertop, and they had this magic putty / glue stuff that not only fastened the two pieces together, but made the seam the next best thing to invisible.

Of course, once the countertops were in, I realized just how nasty the walls looked. I had previously decided I would put a tile backsplash in all the way from the rear granite ledge to the bottom of the upper cabinets, but when I measured things, there ws a variance of more than 3/4 of an inch between different spots. Could I still have put the tile in? Sure – the variance would be visible only at the very bottom of the cabinets where you would have to bend down to really see it, but it would have bugged the hell out of me constantly to have done so and to know that the top of the tile isn’t colinear with the bottom of the cabinet. Yes, I have OCD issuses about things like that. So, I punted and went with a new coat of paint. It took about 4 weeks for me to actually get off my diff and get the paint – and I bought two gallons when I needed less than half a gallon (damn me and my lack of paint coverage estimation skills), but this weekend I finally got everything painted. I’m still reorganizing the kitchen a bit, but here’s what it looks like currently:

2015-08-01 17.48.18 2015-08-01 18.52.19 2015-08-01 18.52.43I need to redo the top border piece of the cabinets – I thought it would give a nice contrast if it were the wall color, but instead it just blends on to the wall and looks like crap. I’ve also got a few areas where I want to touch the cabinets up as a result of the tape peeling off paint flecks, and all of that will (should) happen today. Otherwise, I’m very happy with my new kitchen. Not completely new, as I still have to paint the bay window wall, but I want that a different color than the kitchen walls and I’ve not decided what color to do it yet.

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