Kitchen cabinets

Last November, I was in the middle of redoing my kitchen cabinets. Well, about two weeks ago, I finally finished them – and I have to say, I’m quite impressed with how they turned out. I started with the upper cabinets, since mistakes in painting drip down (thank you to gravity for being so consistent that way). I started by simply removing the doors and cleaning out the cabinets.

The old:

1Still functional, it’s actually in great shape as far as not having any major assembly problems, it just looks ugly. Here’s the same cabinet in process:

7Although it blends with the generic kitchen walls a bit too well, we can already see massive improvement. Yes, the walls will be changed up in the near future. Here’s the same cabinet with most stuff put back:

8And the “final” state of that corner after cleaning up the plastic sheet and redoing the small cabinet next to it:

9They look pretty much brand new. I’m leaving the top cabinets open (no doors) for now, though that may change in the future. Next, lets look at the bottom cabinets after I painted and put on new doors and new hardware:

10Can we say brand-new kitchen? I am really happy about how it all turned out – even though I’m nowhere near finished with the kitchen.

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