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I’ve been off the air for a while, it would seem. Truth be told, I’d sort of forgotten about this corner of my web world. After I finished the basement, I started on the railroad table/shelf, then quickly stalled out on it when work got busy. Wanted to refinance the house after getting the basement done, get some cash out so I could get some professionals in to help with the kitchen, but it seems a basement remodel isn’t really worth anything. So, I started in on the kitchen myself. I’ve been moving slowly on it, but so far I like what’s happening.

What has been happening, you ask? Well, so far I’ve painted the entire set of upper cabinets.

Wait, “painted”?

Yes, I know, I should have re-stained them. Wood > paint and all that. Unfortunately, I tried that route and discovered the cabinets aren’t actually wood. The rails and stiles and sides are pressboard covered in a particularly well-done sticker – it’s all fake wood. Sanding just takes off the painted layer of the top sticker, and there’s no wood grain to be seen for miles.

So, I painted. All in all, I think it turned out nicely, though I will admit even now I would prefer a wood look. I left the doors off, so I have completely open upper cabinets at present. I’ll most likely put new doors back on, but I want to get the bottom cabinets done first. Those will absolutely require new doors and drawer fronts, which will probably take up my December discretionary funds. Come the new year, I intend to put in new countertops, tile the backsplash, and put in a new tile floor instead of that ugly linoleum currently in there. A bit different order than I’d intended even as recently as last week, but it’s my project so I reserve the right to change up the task order where I feel it makes sense to do so.

I’m on call this weekend, which basically means I’m stuck at home all weekend, so I’m going to start working on the bottom cabinets. Door/drawer lead time is probably 2-3 weeks, so I’ll try to put in an order early this coming week and with luck I’ll be ready to paint the new stuff and install it as soon as it comes in. Then again, maybe I’ll wait to put in the order until December. I’m not sure yet. That’s the beauty of DIY projects – I can work on my schedule.

If I remember, I’ll post a few pictures of the new upper cabinets tomorrow or next week.

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