Some finishing touches

The major work in the basement is done, as I’ve probably mentioned before, it’s now all just fiddly bits with furniture and stuff. Today I finished wiring the network switch, so all my network ports throughout the house are live. I’ve still got some work to do on the software side, but I can plug a computer into any network port I have and if there’s a problem, it’s with the port I’m plugging in to, not with the switch or wiring cabinet. Here’s what it looks like:

switchThe next addition ot the wiring closet will be a wall-mounted LCD panel for the house server.

I picked up an entertainment center from Rooms To Go as well – it was delivered last Thursday. I’m not at all impressed with the quality – it’s not even, it has alignment problems, and the end blocks aren’t right, but if you look away quickly enough it looks good. Here it is in place where it will live, and eventually be populated with A/V components and gaming consoles:

entcenterI’m pretty sure the next time I get a new entertainment center, I will build the damn thing myself so that I know it’s built right. This doesn’t look too bad, but I’m very disappointed in the quality given that I deliberately avoided the low-end mass market stores like Wal-Mart, Target, or Best Buy. On to the next bits!

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