Going from house to home

So the basement is finished, and has been for a few weeks now. I just need to add furniture and make into an actual living space, not just an empty (if updated) basement. The problem with that lies in the furniture selection available to me, which is – to be quite blunt – complete crap. I found an entertainment center that I somewhat like at Rooms To Go yesterday and bought it. It is to be delivered a week from this coming Thursday. I found a computer desk I’m willing to live with at Office Max today and bought it – it’s assembled and in place now. I’m not entirely happy with it – actually, I’m really not happy at all – but I’m willing to live with it short-term. I had intended to immediately start working on my railroad table, but I think I’ll have to start working on a computer desk at the same time. There are some features I need in it (for my workflow) that just aren’t available commercially.

I had intended to start at least the railroad bracing today, but I woke up with more sinus and coughing issues, so I’ve been dosing myself up on DayQuil most of the day. Heck, I was luck to have enough energy to actually assemble the computer desk after I got it home.

My greater plan is to start the railroad shelf, the computer desk, and find a second house to rehab more or less simultaneously. The first is for my enjoyment, the second for being able to work from home, the third as an investment. Oh yes, there’s a fourth item that is also for my enjoyment – the suspended railroad in the living room.

On a side note, I will probably be getting rid of my aquariums soon. I have a 75g with canister filter, a 29g with a power head filter, and a 10g with power head filter, all with appropriately sized stands. If you want one, or know of anyone who does, make me an offer. You might be surprised how much I’m willing to accept for them. I have to empty and clean them, but if they aren’t gone by the time that’s done, they’ll go up on craigslist.

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