Cabinet assembled

The only thing left is the final poly coat on the front, side, and backsplash and the glazecoat on the top. Final front:
cabinetdone-1A different angle:

cabinetdone-2Note the slight “divot” taken out of the backsplash at the power outlet – I missed by about 1/8 of an inch when placing the outlet box against the stud. Due to code requirements, I have to have the divot taken out – outlet faceplates can’t be split between two different levels of wall backing. This is usually more of a concern in kitchens and bathrooms with tile backsplashes or decorative tile strips, but it’s just as much a concern here. Now that I think about it, I probably should have just planed down the backsplash to have it sit below the faceplate without having to take out the divot. Oh the joys of hindsight.

The left side backsplash:

cabinetdone-4All joints are mitred at 45 degrees, though I’ll need to drop in some wood filler in various places. A closeup of the tail:

cabinetdone-5Once the glazecoat goes on the still-slightly-visible height differences will be much less visible. I’m debating giving it a slightly darker stain before coating it, though – this is pretty much the level of contrast I was going for, but the countertop looks just a bit light to me. Opinions on that are welcome, though time to register them is limited.

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