Cabinet front done!

Put in the final two front uprights on the cabinets today. The spacing is a bit off – I got some math wrong somehow, but it looks okay and I’m not worried enough to unscrew them and move them. I’ve got three door openings at (roughly) 22, 20, and 21 inches wide in that order. Here’s what is looks like from standing height:

cabinet3-1I’ve got a bit of cleanup to do from where I had to step inside the cabinet to attach things, but otherwise the front facade is done save for the doors.

A more direct look:

cabinet3-2The top braces you see in the first picture are 4 feet from the far side, since I’ll be using four foot planks across the top. They’ll go in next, though I haven’t bought them, much less cut or stained them, yet. They don’t line up exactly with the front facade pieces, but they’re pretty damn close:

cabinet3-3Yes, they are a bit wider, and no they aren’t stained, because (like the bracing strips on the walls) they won’t be visible.

As an added bonus, which I was neither planning nor counting on, the cabinets are deep enough to fit both 6-gallon carboys in line, which means I have room for just about all of my homebrew gear inside the cabinets. Including three of the four-plus cases of bottles (all of which are empty at this moment). Talk about luck… suddenly there’s way more room in my kitchen now that all that gear is downstairs “inside” the cabinets! And since that’s it’s new permanent home, I don’t have to worry about where I’m going to put it after I’m done with everything – it’s already where it will live. Once the coutertop is in and I can start putting together the wine rack bits, that will clear up even more room in the kitchen and living room where my wine bottles currently live (though I doubt I’ll be making any additional batches of wine). I’m feeling quite good about things – thank you snow day for giving me a work-at-home morning and a half “Administrative Leave” afternoon (which honestly will probably end up being charged as either sick or vacation time because I’d feel guilty otherwise) and letting me make far more progress on things than just adding two plans would seem to imply!

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