Drawers vs doors

I just did some comparative measurements on the cabinets downstairs versus my kitchen cabinets. The space between the bottom faceboard and the top faceboard downstairs is about an inch and a half less than the space between the same boards in the kitchen. While this makes me really happy with my initial “guess” placement of the top wall boards, it leaves me in an interesting quandary. The space between the bottom of the drawer and the top of the cabinet door in the kitchen is only about a half inch, which means I either have shorter doors or shallower drawers downstairs, if I put in drawers, or really tall (about 28 inches tall, to be precise) doors if I don’t put in drawers. Aesthetically, I’m fine with that, but the design I want for the doors involves vertical slats making up each door panel, and at 28 inches, that leaves a hell of a lot of unusable planking. Well, not entirely unusable, but it would be difficult to repurpose it. If it were whitewood, fine, I could use it for hidden bracing in another project, but it’s finish-quality oak, which would feel like a waste if it’s totally hidden.

I think I can reuse the short planks to build out some wall shelves – perhaps wall shelving for the server closet? I’m kind of tempted to try to make another DVD rack, but that’s a project for another day. Okay, I’m going to go ponder some more.

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