Cabinets again

I’ve made some more progress on the cabinets since my last post, though I can’t do as much today as I’d like to. I put in and stained the bottom interior planks, I’ve stained the exterior left side panel, and I’ve put in the wall bracing for the countertop. Here’s the overall look:

cabinets2-1The fuzziness on the picture is due to misting on the camera phone’s lens – sorry about that.

Next up:

cabinets2-3This is the view of the exterior side panel. Eventually there wqill be a board covering the edge of the panel that isn’t stained, so don’t panic. And yeah, I’m going to have to tape the panel and re-paint the wall. Oh well.

A closeup of the pocket holes I made with a Kreg jig that I’ll be securing the front top panel with:


I’d attach the top and bottom front panels today, but the stain on them is still sticky/tacky, so I have to wait. So far, so good…

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