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Cleanup is a pain

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Trying to clean up the basement a little bit today (and all week, really), since there’s so much dust and debris. Trash day is normally tomorrow, but due to the holiday it’s delayed until Thursday. I’ve already got 7 large construction debris bags sitting out back to drag up tot he curb tomorrow evening, and I’ll probably have two or three more by tomorrow afternoon. And that doesn’t include the crap I need to get rid of that’s not really “debris” but is instead crap that I’ve been “storing” since before I bought the house – inherited stuff from the previous owner like spare linoleum floor covering, extra carpet rolls, and other ridiculosities. I can hardly believe myself, but I am considering buying, rehabbing, and flipping the 2-story unit two buildings up the hill if it’s not yet been sold in another year and a half… it’s a bank-owned foreclosure, about 1300 sq feet. We’ll see what I feel like in another year plus.

Cabinet base

Saturday, December 21st, 2013

Finally some actual pictures of the cabinet base.This first picture is of the wood planks that I drew in ASCII art format last time:

Cabinet base, no front

Sorry about having the drill in there, I had just finished putting up the side board that you’ll see later.

Some closeups of the back corners, to show how they’re joined and the side offsets:

Back right baseThis is the rear right of the cabinet base. I’m obviously not concerned about the bottom of the wallboard, since it will be completely hidden from view.┬áThe left rear:

Back left baseThe joining is simple metal L brackets. Nothing fancy, and definitely not what I would use on visible areas. You might be able to see some space along the bottom of the boards – the floor isn’t level so I’ll have to put some shims in place to get a level sturdy setting. I don’t want my cabinets wobbling – especially after I put a wine rack on top and put wine bottles in the wine rack!

This is the left side panel:

Left side panelYes, there’s a small 3/4″ wide ledge in the wall itself. I’m pretty sure it was put there to accomodate the air vent, but it looks wrong, which is why I consider myself quite fortunate that it will be hidden by the cabinets. The vent will stay there, but the duct leading to it will get redirected to a ceiling vent at some point. I’ll just seal up this vent – I don’t want air flow going into a closed cabinet and not doing the room any good.

Finally, I was able to add in the front of the base:

Full cabinet baseNotice on the left how it doesn’t quite align with the edge of the side panel? Yeah, that’s going to change – I need to secure the front panel to the side panel with another set of L brackets. Once that’s done and the shims are in, I can start putting down the planks that will form the bottom of the cabinet. The sides and back will just be the wallboard – trying to add in wood paneling would be more expensive than it’s worth, and I want the back open to the power outlets. Yes, they’ll be inside the cabinet, but they’ll also be available in a pinch if I need them temporarily, or if I ever decide to put in a power outlet on the front base of the cabinets (which I probably won’t do, ever).

For now, it’s time to head back to Lowes for another set of L brackets and maybe some 6 foot oak planks, then do some holiday shopping. Oh crips, how I’m going to hate myself when I get back home…

Cabinets going in

Friday, December 20th, 2013

I’ve started on the base cabinets for the wine rack. By started, I mean I’ve put in part of the base on which they will be built. It doesn’t really look much like cabinets at all yet, but I’m going slowly. I think I’m going to take pictures along the way to document the progress, but I don’t have any yet, so here’s an ASCII drawing of what I’ve got so far, looking down from directly above:

 |  |                                          |                                       |   |
 |  |                                          |                                       |   |
 |  |                                          |                                       |   |
 |  |                                          |                                       |   |
 |  |                                          |                                       |   |
 |  |                                          |                                       |   |
-+  |                                          |                                       |   |
    |                                          |                                       |   |
                              (this piece of wood not present yet)                         |

The outside is the wall contour. The space is almost exactly 6 feet wide – it’s maybe 1/2″ less than 6 feet. I’ve got a 1×6 running along the back, about an inch and a half from the wall, and 22.5″ 1×6’s attached to it. The next step is to for the left side with a 1/2″ or 3/4″ thick wood piece that will be 2 feet deep and 3 feet tall when viewed from the front. Then I’ll put in the front piece of wood where the double line along the bottom is, attaching it to the crosspieces, and then I can put in the cabinet bottom. Once that’s done, I can start building up the actual cabinet framing.

Here’s hoping it all goes well.