Well, I had an unexpected home improvement project yesterday.  I woke up and turned on the shower, to about 1/3 of the normal pressure.  Not able to figure out what was going on, I finished my morning routine, got ready to go to the gym, and then opened the front door to a miniature waterfall next to my front stoop.  The main water pipe had burst.  Amusingly, it was after the water meter (which is about 40 yards away from my unit – ridiculous!) but before the main shut-off inside my townhome, which means I had to call the town to have it shut off.  Which of course means I was still getting charged for that water use, even though it wasn’t even getting to the inside of my townhome.  And of course the HOA won’t take any responsibility for it, even though it’s a case of poor placement of the meter and (as I learned from the plumbers that fixed it) shoddy construction practices on the part of the original builder.  So, I got to spend just shy of $600 that I didn’t really want to spend just so I could take a normal shower.

I think I’m going to accelerate all my home improvement projects as much as possible so I can put this place on the market and get into a better home.  Maybe even one I have built.

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