Kitchen Table

The old kitchen table disappeared this morning – dad and uncle picked it up to take back to my parent’s house to begin it’s new life as a garage workbench.  Which means until I get the new kitchen table done, I have nothing to eat on, so I figured I should start work on the new table.  I’ve got the first coat of stain on the underside and legs, and will be putting the second coat on before doing the top.  Yes, some of you will think it’s very strange for me to do it that way, and you might even be right, but that’s the way I’m doing it because it makes sense to me.  I’m using a different stain this time – slightly darker on the can, but it seems a lot mroe darker than I’d anticipated on the wood.  It still looks good to me, though, so I’m considering it a pleasant surprise.

Anyway, while I wait for that first coat to dry, I’m going to figure out dinner plans – as in where to get dinner from since I’m not eating at home.

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