Finish one, start another

Well, go ahead and start the second even if you’re not quite completely finished with the first.  That’s what I did, anyway…  🙂  The coffee table has had the last coat of stain put on the tabletop and bottom shelf, I start lacquering Tuesday.  I came home from the store today with some conduit and awl bits for the drill, and when I started taking apart the basement ceiling, discovered that I will be drilling from the main floor downward due to the placement of support joists.  Which means it’s going to be a lot of fun placing the conduit as well…  oh boyo but this is going to be entertaining.  I tell you – it’s a good thing I planned on painting the damn living room anyway, because with the amount of sheetrock I’m going to have to remove, I’d have had to paint it after replacing the sheetrock anyway!  BUT…  when I’m finished, the living room will be on it’s way to done, and the basement will be a bachelor pad like nothing you’ve ever seen – and no, it won’t be obviously a bachelor pad, it will be perfectly acceptable to be shown to female guests, and even to have parties in.  🙂  Having said that, if any ladies of my acquantaince would like to offer advice for lighting (small chandelier vs strip lighting vs can lighting etc) or color, or much of anything else, I would definitely appreciate it.  I have absolutely no sense of color coordination at all.

2 Responses to “Finish one, start another”

  1. Lee says:

    Well, I’m not a lady of your acquaintance, but I’m going to leave a suggestion anyway. I’d recommend no ceiling lighting at all. The ceiling down there is already fairly low and anything you put up there is going to make it seems smaller. The only exception would be the in-ceiling fluorescents that, IIRC, are already there. I’d say remove them (or ignore them) and use floor lamps ( torchieres preferably to make use of indirect lighting) and specific task lights where necessary. If you feel the need for ambient light you could use rope light, possibly installed behind a dropped crown for nice non-directional ambience. Finally, add some strobes and a disco ball for total win! 😀

  2. John says:

    I was with you up until you mentioned strobes and a disco ball… not too sure I’m going to go with that idea… though I do like the idea of a dropped crown with rope lights, or possibly spaced torches…

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